The Great Pumpkin Caper!

One cool October morning, Bart LeBeau was driving to work while listening to WSPIT on the radio. WSPIT is the local radio station that keeps the Frogspit community up to date. Bart got an idea when disc jockey Taylor Thibodeaux asked that everyone donate their Halloween pumpkins to the Frogspit Zoo. What if he put a bunch of pumpkins around his deer blind? If an elephant likes pumpkins, then surely a big old buck would too.

Bart had one big problem though, how would he get everyone to donate pumpkins to him instead of the zoo? Bart realized to get the pumpkins before the elephants, he would have to swipe them first. An evil plan soon formed in Bart’s mind; as soon as the homeowners turned out their lights for the night, he would sneak to the porch and swipe their pumpkin.

On the afternoon of Halloween, Bart noticed his pick-up bed was full of junk. He needed to clean his truck out, so he could load all the pumpkins later that night. It is a rare occasion that Bart cleans out his truck, and everyone knows he only cleans his truck out on Easter weekend.

Clem happened to drive by just as Bart was sweeping out the final remains of the dove he shot on Labor Day. Clem honked, and Bart waved, but Clem knew Bart was up to no good.

Clem decided a Starsky and Hutch stake-out was in order. That evening, Clem parked just down the road and just out of sight of Bart’s house. When Bart pulled out of the driveway, Clem tailed him just like Starsky and Hutch would.

Clem couldn’t believe his eyes; as soon as the lights went out on a neighbor’s house, Bart swiped their pumpkin and sped off. This happened house after house, soon Bart’s pick-up bed was full of pumpkins. The last thing for Bart to do, was to drop the pumpkins off near his deer blind.

Bart was unaware that Clem was tailing him as he drove to his deer blind. Bart pulled off Guthrie Road and was headed to his blind with Clem not far behind. As Bart rounded the final muddy turn to his blind, Clem parked behind the trees. Clem quickly grabbed his sheet/ghost costume and snuck through the trees.

As Clem pulled the sheet over his head, he noticed Bart had already busted a few pumpkins on the ground. Clem snuck around the side of Bart’s truck and sprang on him like Starsky and Hutch on Huggy Bear. Bart instantly wet himself and fell back into a mess of pumpkins. Clem pulled off his sheet/ghost costume and demanded to know what was going on.

Bart gathered himself and, hiding his pee spot, explained to Clem that if elephants like pumpkins, so do deer. At first, Clem was shocked that Bart thought of such a good idea but remembered the elephants. They agreed that to leave a few more for Bart’s “starving deer,” Clem would take a few for his “starving deer,” and the rest would go to the zoo.

The following day, Taylor Thibodeaux announced over the WSPIT airwaves that Bart and Clem had graciously collected and dropped off Frogspit’s pumpkins at the zoo. Bart and Clem were awarded a free piece of pumpkin pie at the Frogspit diner for their efforts. Bart and Clem’s friends knew something was up, but nobody figured out the great pumpkin caper.

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