Product Review: Sling Hook

Sling HOOK says it can keep your rifle sling from falling off your shoulder while wearing a backpack, but can it really?

We have all been there, a long hike to a deer stand while wearing a backpack and fighting to keep your rifle on your shoulder. The nylon strap of the sling laying on top of the nylon strap of the backpack is a recipe for disaster. The Sling HOOK is designed to keep your rifle, bow, soft-sided cooler, or video equipment on your shoulder, even while wearing a backpack. If it works, it could be a game-changer for many of us. So I took the Sling Hook by Talarik to the field to see what my hog hunters thought of it. Is it a deal, or is it a dud?

My hog hunters were eager to see if the Sling Hook would make their 450-yard trek any more manageable. The hottest blind early last year for hogs was a blind we call the Taj Mahal. It is, however, not the easiest to get to. It means crossing a ditch, a tightly strung barbed wire fence, and a 450-yard hike across a plowed field. Then, once you’re there, you’re dragging all your gear up 20 feet and through the door of the blind. Not the most natural thing to do carrying a backpack, rifle, and cooler.

The Sling Hook is easy to install. It merely Velcro’s to the shoulder strap of your backpack with the hook facing your neck. Next, you slip the sling of your rifle, bow, or camera on the inside of the hook and your ready. You can leave it on your backpack strap all the time or easily remove it in less than 30 seconds. Of course, you always want to take the rifle off your shoulder to cross the fence safely. But across the ditch and the wheat field, our hunters easily kept their rifles on their shoulders. In some cases, they used the same Sling Hook for their camera as well.

Feedback for the Sling Hook was very positive. It’s easy to get your rifle in and out of, even in the dark. It’s light and doesn’t take up space you would have otherwise used for something else. It’s quiet and doesn’t make noise going through brush or thickets. The Sling HOOK is versatile and will work for left or right-handed hunters and works for men and women alike. The Sling HOOK is a drab black and tan color, so it will not stick out in most environments.

Slinghook Hunter 2

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when using the Sling HOOK. First, the strap is Velcro, so put it on before going to the field to avoid the noise Velcro makes. Second, if you need to move your rifle, bow, or camera from one shoulder to the next, you will want two Sling Hooks, one for each side. Even though it is simple and easy to move the Sling Hook from one shoulder strap to the other, the sound of the Velcro may spook your quarry.

So overall, Davis Outdoor Adventures and our hunters in Texas give the Sling HOOK from Talarik two big thumbs up. It is simple, easy to install, durable, made in the USA, and it works. The Sling HOOK will make any hunter or photographer’s life much more comfortable. The Sling HOOK works.

By Todd Davis

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